About Us
             The home of delicious baking , offers wide range of healthy baked items fresh and hygeinically made from the oven to you. 

Sialkot Bakery - as we see it today - began its journey in the City of Lights seven years back under the brand sialkot from a small space in alamgir road back in 2015 Being so famous for their exceptional quality of food, Sialkot Bakers and Nimco faced a harsh challenge from other bakeries trying to use their reputation and name to bring in business for themselves. Hence they decided to change the name to “Sialkot Bakers” and registered it as a brand to protect their rights. Our first branch with the name Sailkot Bakers was opened at Bahadurabad alamgir road in 2015, which was the birth of the “Sialkot Bakery” brand. Sialkot Bakery has come a long way today in terms of its outlets, products and services - sharing its quality of food across Karachi. Starting their range from assortment of a few Sweets and Bakery items, “Sialkot Bakery” gradually added to their menu and they now make and sell more than 250 food items ranging from sweets and bakery items to breakfast items and fast food. The growth in Sialkot Bakery likeability and customer base has only made a positive impact on their quality; they have put great emphasis on maintaining their standards.



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